As PTR began 2018, we are proud of PTR guns, and even more proud that they are made in Aynor, South Carolina with parts manufactured in the USA. We chose to focus on the roller-lock system because it is a time tested and PROVEN design that delivers a smoother operation, which generally translates into better accuracy. From law enforcement and military professionals, the world over, this weapon system has a long, proud legacy, which PTR continues to this day.

When PTR started out, rifles were assembled largely from surplus parts, often sourced overseas. Today, PTR manufactures virtually every component of our firearms in their S.C. plant. This self-sufficiency gives PTR control of both the quality and delivery of our products not commonly shared by others in this space. The necessary time is taken to ensure that every firearm that leaves our factory is worthy of the TRUSTED position the roller-lock system has earned over the years with those professionals whose lives depended on it.



9 CT PTR 601