Bore Sight: $20

Scope Mount + Boresight: $35

Scope Mount + Shoot in: $40

Shoot to sight in: $30

Basic Clean: $35

Sight Installation: $20

Drill And Tap (Per hole): $20

Trigger Job + Parts: $57.50

Minimum ½ Hr. shop time: $35

Labor per Hour: $67.50

Bluing (Bring in for accurate quote): $100-$400

Dura-Coat (Bring in for accurate Quote): $75-$300











Cleaning Services: 

Detail Firearm Cleaning, Inspect and lubricate (handgun or long gun)


Gunsmith Policies:

  • All firearms must be inspected prior to starting work by gunsmith and reviewed with customer.
  • Firearm services are performed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Bring your firearm to the store unloaded and cased. If firearm is being left with the gunsmith, the customer will take their case back with them to ensure they do not receive the wrong case back.
  • Once work is complete, the firearm can only be released to the person who dropped it off.
  • Please inform the gunsmith of any prior work done to the firearm.
  • Our staff will assist with manufacturer warranties on firearms purchased from Shot Spot.

Shot Spot’s gunsmithing services are available for countless other tasks, projects, and fixes. If you’re interested in learning more, please bring your firearm in to our Carrollton location and ask the gunsmith for an estimate.